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G.Murthy Vangala, Founder and President  View Murthy's LinkedIn profileView Murthy's profile

Murthy Vangala spent the first half of his career at Bell Labs, AT&T and AT&T Broadband (now Comcast).  He cut his teeth on the engineering side of the business and then advanced through several executive leadership assignments, ultimately serving as the Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Corporate Development (Mergers & Acquisitions) and New Product Development.  His combination of technical knowledge and business acumen proved to be very valuable.  As such, Murthy played a strong leadership role during the transformation of AT&T Broadband.  As one of the 10 General Managers involved in the integration of TCI and MediaOne, he was instrumental in the overall success by leading the planning, integration, and operational transformation of this multi-billion dollar venture in several key markets as well as leading the launch of Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

Post AT&T, Murthy served as Vice-President and General Manager for VoIP Solutions at Amdocs, a large international IT Systems Company.   Here again, he was able to leverage his strong expertise in technology, innovation, and operational leadership to lead the establishment of a successful IP services business through a combination of organic growth and selective acquisitions.

His entrepreneurial experiences include the co-founding of “Transera Communications”, an IP services company.  He is also the founder and president of Neovista Solutions, LLC, a consulting company providing strategy, technology and business planning, strategic business development and business process reengineering with a focus on the Telecom, Media and Entertainment verticals.

Murthy was a Managing Partner at ANSi Consulting, where he led several business/technology transformation engagements and regularly acted as a coach to senior executive teams at client companies in many verticals that included the Healthcare, Telecommunications, Pharma, Industrials and Legal Industries.

Currently, the Advanture Group, where Murthy is a founder and the president, delivers high-end management consulting and associated technology solutions across multiple verticals.  Continuing to leverage his broad range of experiences, Murthy leads engagements by developing and applying appropriate technology, strategy, and roadmaps to realize client’s business objectives.  Murthy and his team provide Virtual CIO, Technology realization and operational Transformation services to many businesses across multiple verticals.  

In light of his extensive experience in management consulting, product and general management, technology leadership, business operations, strategy and product development, Murthy is routinely sought after by Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms to evaluate ideas, assess the state of embedded technologies to achieve operational/investment goals and lead Operational Transformation.

Ultimately, Murthy displays a unique blend of experiences of a successful Fortune 50 senior executive, a serial entrepreneur and successful operational leader.

Murthy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from I.I.T, Madras, India, a Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from Columbia University.

Larry Hershman, Partner  View Larry's LinkedIn profileView Larry's profile

Larry has spent over 25 years in technology consulting, helping companies to adopt the appropriate technologies in order to help achieve their business goals.  Prior to working with Advanture, Larry was the Founder and Managing Partner of ANSi Consulting, a firm providing IT solutions to a range of clients throughout the Philadelphia area. 

Larry has worked at varying levels with clients across several industries.  His dealings with clients range from initial discovery and solution roadmap development to team building and project implementation.  Larry works closely with clients to identify the best solutions and implementation plans based on each client’s specific needs.  He has been a part of projects that involved project management and workflow automation and required a deep understanding of the underlying business processes to identify and implement appropriate technology solutions.  Additionally, Larry has developed his understanding and the application of compliance requirements though his management of PCI (Payment Card Industry) projects. This compliance knowledge has been beneficial assisting companies in the mortgage banking industry to become compliant with evolving government regulations.

Larry received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Temple University. He is a dedicated father, and an avid endurance athlete, participating in triathlons, marathons, and cycling events.  Larry is a multi-year VIP fundraiser for the MS 150 City to Shore event and has raised significant funds for the Back on My Feet marathon for the homeless.  He is a board member of the CARES organization.  

Brandon Greimann, Principal   View Brandon's LinkedIn profileView Brandon's profile

Brandon Greimann has worked with the Advanture team since August, 2003.  His primary responsibilities are engagement technology strategy, program and project management.  Brandon is involved in all aspects of customer relationships, often from initial meeting and throughout the engagement.  Brandon brings over 25 years of technology experience ranging from solution architecture and design, software development, infrastructure design and implementation, program and project management, and vendor management.  Prior to joining the Advanture Group, Brandon co-founded a marketing services and event management company and worked for software companies including NeXT Software (now Apple) and Bentley Systems.  

Nevin Vangala, Associate   View Nevin Vangala's LinkedIn profileView Nevin's profile

Nevin has been working with the Advanture team since October of 2011.  Prior to working with the Advanture Group, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Virginia and has had consulting internships with Neovista Solutions and Ansi-USA Consulting.  In his spare time, Nevin has worked with TropicalClinics, a Non-Profit organization and global healthcare organization located in Princeton, NJ.