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Industrial Companies

The industrial sector faces unique information management challenges in today’s economy.  Transportation costs, raw material purchasing, manufacturing and inventory are all tied to sales and the ability to forecast customer demand.  Very often, legacy systems and outdated processes prevent an organization from reaching its full revenue potential.  Cultural challenges and outdated processes, combined with complex legacy systems make it difficult to take the organization forward.  Frequently, diverse businesses that operate separately need to work together in order to achieve their overall goals.

The Advanture Group brings many years of combined corporate strategy, organizational dynamics, and technology expertise to the industrial vertical.  We have delivered on projects that include succession planning, legacy transformation, business process improvement and system enhancement.

We bring a structured approach to addressing industrial business challenges.  First, we understand the current situation and identify the needs and limiting factors throughout the organization.  Then, we create an appropriate venue to facilitate communication across business teams.  This allows us to begin to work together to determine an appropriate path forward.  From there, we work with IT and business leaders to identify the appropriate solutions and a clear roadmap for achieving their goals.

Our approach is rooted in our mission to help both organizations make decisions and to provide the leadership to facilitate and implement the tasks required to realize the companies’ goals. We tailor each engagement to match an organization’s culture, organizational structure and needs.  From executive-level strategy development to program and project management and solution identification and implementation, we can deliver a holistic enterprise-wide solution that is palatable with an organization’s ability to change. 

We understand that a solution must address People, Process, and Technology. Thus our team consists of experts with each of the underlying disciplines to identify and provide a solution that is functionally, culturally, and financially appropriate.