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2016 Data Call Submissions

are due May 31, 2017

We can help you accurately and painlessly prepare and submit your data call data.

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advance your future by transforming 

People, Processes, and Technology.


For a business to operate at its peak performance, all three of these factors must be perfected, both individually and collectively.  Each one complements the other two in such a way that as soon as one of them is neglected, your business suffers.  They are essentially the three legs of a tripod that support business performance and growth. 

The Advanture Group is a boutique management and technology consulting firm dedicated to affecting process, business, and technology transformations.  We offer our clients many decades of Fortune 100 experience along with the creativity and the guidance of proactive thought leaders.  We provide advisory services, business and technology solutions for leaders who recognize a need for change, whether that be a major transformation or a simple enhancement.

Our unique approach helps you to manage people, processes, and technology, in harmony with one another so you can achieve overall business goals.

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