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    DataCall Pro

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    DataCall Pro is the first and only time tracking software that is tailor made to help Title Companies meet Data Call reporting requirements.

    We have seen how existing time tracking solutions result in performance issues and lost data.  Our team, in conjunction with a Title Company client, has successfully developed a new custom program that makes reporting the right data to the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) simple. This easy to use application provides the specific features needed to easily capture and report time and cost data (Schedule B of the Data Call), and can be customized and integrated with a variety of real estate closing and title insurance software packages for greater reporting flexibility. Data Call Pro allows managers to pull reports based on:

    • Total time spent by department by month/week/day
    • Total time capture by task
    • Total time by individual employee
    • Total time for a specific file number
    • Total time for a specific category

    Data Call Pro helps you to collect Schedule B time and cost data throughout the year in the format you need for reporting greatlly simplifiying the process of sendiing financial reports to the OIR.

    Three user types allow you to restrict capabilities by type:

    • Users can create and track time spent on activities
    • Managers can view and modify users’ data and generate reports
    • Administrators are managers who can also add/edit/delete departments, users, categories and activities 

    System Requirements

    Server Platform: 

    • Windows Server 2008, server 2012
    • SQL Server (Express or full server license)
    • SQL Server Express is limited to 1GB of data storage and has limited scalability.  This should still work fine for up to 50 users.  

    User Platform:

    • Microsoft Windows PC Windows 7 and 8

    More Information about DataCall Pro

    DataCall Pro is a networked, desktop application that your team can use to easily capture and track the time they spend on title and closing activities.  It mirrors the categories required by the state of Florida and allows customization of tasks specific to your firm’s needs.

    User-friendly reports show activity by department, user, category or task, over a specified date range.  A category report calculates and displays total time, cost, and rate as needed for reporting to the state. Reports can be easily printed, opened in MS Office or exported to a spreadsheet for performing custom calculations.