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Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits have found themselves confronted with managing risk and meeting regulatory requirements, while working within the unique environment of a non-profit organization.  IT systems must comply with privacy and data security requirements of financial institutions to assure that financial data cannot be compromised.

The experience and maturity of our management team is the key ingredient to our successes in the Non-Profit sector.  Our understanding of the unique revenue and expense models, combined with our experience serving on Non-Profit boards, makes us valuable to the Non-Profit Community.

Managing risk and compliance requirements has become a critical focus for the Non Profit organization.  Creating, maintaining, and reporting on these critical functions, while continuing to address budget concerns, is a problem that is prevalent within this community.  These organizations are being watched by their financial institutions, as well as by their boards.

The Advanture Group has developed a framework that allows us to quickly understand an organizations current state versus a baseline.  The results of this study can be translated into an actionable roadmap, permitting the organization to address and remediate issues in a structured, cost conscious way.