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About Us

The Advanture Group was founded by G. Murthy Vangala to provide innovative solutions and expert advice to companies.  Murthy is joined by Larry J. Hershman, who brings 20 years of experience providing technology solutions.

Our passion for processes and people allows us to quickly learn our clients’ language and earn end user buy-in.  We can do the same for you. As we adapt to a client’s corporate culture, we balance planned transformation with the organization’s threshold level for change to ensure project success. Our clients never doubt our vested interest in their success, from analysis and benchmarking, and solution(s) generation, to rollout, implementation, and subsequent support and maintenance.

Because we apply collaborative processes to all projects, our clients benefit from a wide range of services that resolve complex cultural, business and technical transformation challenges. Our small business and corporate clients come from the legal, healthcare, industrial, telecommunications, non-profit and many other verticals.