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Legal Business Process Optimization Services

Many law firms are facing considerable cost pressures due to reduced fees from their clients. To better manage the cost of delivery and improve the quality of their service, many large law firms have deployed Business Process Optimization techniques. Some of these efforts include having a high quality/low cost service at an “overseas” location. However, planning and obtaining these services can be costly and intimidating to many firms. These are the main reasons why many mid-sized law firms have yet to take advantage of these services. Where do you start?

Advanture Group works with clients to understand their needs and determine a solution that meets these needs. After this planning has taken place, Advanture manages the optimization in its entirety and assures the client that all needs are met.

Advanture Group, located in the Philadelphia suburbs, has been successfully providing management and technology services to many verticals, including the legal industry, for over a decade. Having recognized the need for managed business process optimization, Advanture has partnered with a leading BPO that has a successful track record and provides high quality service.

Teams can be customized to meet client needs. Our partner company focuses on Healthcare & Legal Services. In addition to these two lines of service, other services include secondary market research & logistics billing processes.

This business process optimization practice is 8+ years old and has served many clients overseas. Our partner offers a flexible style of working to match client needs with agreed turnaround times. Our regular practice is to create virtual teams serving each client, exclusively handling their tasks with multiple shift operations.