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Products for Default Law Firms

Legal Industry

Advanture Group has extensive experience working with law firms to help them improve their efficiency and meet compliance requirements. We provide valuable analysis of their business systems and processes and advice on how to improve their organization and systems. We also offer legal process optimization for some of our clients that are under pressure to maintain profitabililty amidst reduced client fees. Our legal resources include a wealth of legal industry, organizational, management and leadership experience, as well as technology know-how.

Experience with Default Law Firms

Recently, our services have been highly valued with default law firms. Increasing caseloads, regulatory requirements and “commoditization” of legal services have forced firms to re-evaluate their internal processes. The pressure to maintain profitability under expanded regulations has created the need for well-defined and streamlined processes.  Additionally, the appropriate systems and people need to be in place to support these processes.  To make these transformations and help law firms grow and operate within the current business climate, our team will:

  • Perform a thorough audit of existing processes, systems and staff to define and understand the current state
  • Understand the evolving needs of the firm in order to build a goal state for the firm
  • Design appropriate business solutions that meet the requirements of these goals and help build towards the firm’s goal state
  • Develop a detailed plan to optimize the processes and transition the IT systems to support these processes
  • Provide the leadership to implement this plan and build teams that are capable of operating and supporting the new processes

Products for Default Law Firms:

In addition to providing a more comprehensive "Transformation" service for default law firms (see our detailed case study), we also work in getting them "Audit Ready" and provide on-going advice, as needed.  Our services for Default Law firms include:

  • System design and transformation
  • Virtual CIO services
  • Business Process Optimization and Organization design
  • Process Automation
    • Case management software selection, deployment and fine-tuning
    • Vendor system integration (LPS, Vendorscape, Provest etc. )
    • SCRA and Pacer searches
    • Custom automation to improve quality and reduce cost