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The Advanture Group engages in each project following a structured, holistic approach that incorporates the collective strength of our team, rather than specific individuals.  Our teamwork provides tailored expertise, our methodical analysis builds the framework for success, and our leadership guides the project on a path to successfully realizing the goals.

Team Philosophy

When working with the Advanture Group, clients benefit from the combined skills of our entire team.  We take pride in our ability to develop strong partnerships with subject-matter specialists who bring a wide variety of expertise to a project. Our flexibility in combining resources allows us to provide richer composite teams, incontrast to other small consulting firms who depend on individual experts to be responsible for most or all aspects of a project.  Furthermore, our senior partners are more hands on than their counterparts at larger consulting firms.

We offer a suite of advisory services that maximizes quality and minimizes costs by balancing the availability of our senior partners and experts based on a project’s specific needs.

Defining the Context

We believe that every complex problem can have multiple solutions.  Our job is to help our clients choose the best solution for their specific situation.  This requires a complete analysis of that situation, along with identifying the client’s business needs, culture, and long-term goals.  All of these factors must be taken into account to construct a strategic roadmap for reaching their goals, before any changes are made. 


The first step in any project is to define the context.  Only then can we fully understand the relationship between where a company is today and where they would like to be.  Once this is done, we can begin to analyze the different ways a company’s people, processes, and technologies can be transformed and optimized.  This analysis allows all relevant parties to understand the issues and agree on the best solution and plan for implementation.

Our diligent and objective analysis of complex business problems sets us apart from our competitors.  This process is often undervalued as it is especially difficult to stop and take a step back to look at the bigger picture when immersed in the immediate issues at hand.

Implementation and Project Leadership

Once a course of action has been established, we ensure that the proper personnel are in place to implement any changes to business systems and processes without disrupting current operations.  This allows for a seamless transformation and assures continuity between managing the changes and carrying the business forward.  We are dedicated to helping each business grow, while making sure that every decision made and action taken along the way is compatible with that company’s goals and culture.